Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hottest Plugin Of 2016

     The hottest plugin of 2016 is the Alibaba Plugin!  It has received a ton of praise from all over the globe and has made many people thousands of dollars.  If you want a plugin that continues to grow on auto-pilot and make you more money then your in the right place.  There are thousands of testimonials from REAL people that use this on all their websites.  You can have a niche or use it on a general wp blog it's up to you.  Here are a few REAL testimonials that should get your juices flowing!

Terence in Virginia
If you want a plugin that gets organic search engine traffic, multiplies your income 10 fold, and you never have to worry about then get this plugin.  In the first 2 months of using this we quadrupled our income and we only used it on one blog-we now use it on 20 blogs and were about to quit our jobs and use this as our form of employment.

Charles in Columbia
It's a no brainer here if you want to grow as a company this is the plugin you need.  If your a serious affiliate guru or a beginner anyone can make money-I have used some excellent plugins in the past but this blows them out of the water.

William in Phoenix
Times have changed and so has advertising, it's getting more expensive to compete with the big boys.  This plugin makes the difference-I do NOT use paid advertising and my sales have increased 500% in 3 months.  If you don't love it you will get your money back!  

You get what YOU pay for, especially when it comes to shopping plugins.  Give this a whirl and watch your earnings skyrocket!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Employment Full Time and Part Time

Searching For Ways To Make Money Working From Home?
     Alibaba will hire you now, and we pay great!  You have the opportunity to make some nice money either working full or part time.  Now is the perfect time to join us, the commissions you will make on top of your salary can make you a hefty sum of money.   You can pick and choose the hours you would like to work, this makes it flexible enough if you'd like to stay home with your children.  Depending on how much money you would like to make, Alibaba can help you towards your financial goals.  There are many other positions available from all our friends also, you have the ability to do what you want and set your own hours.
Legitimate Employment Working From Home
     Helping you pay off the bills, save for a new home or a new car!  This is what extra money will do.  Do you have a certain skill?  We can help you utilize your skill and maximize your pay rate.  It doesn't matter what city state or country you live in, now is your time to work from home.  Since going public Alibaba needs your help, we need staff in every part of the world.  You will be making on average 15.00 dollars an hour, and you will be getting paid once a week or once a month.  You have to claim this on your taxes so we recommend you keep 25% for tax purposes.  We are affiliated with the Home Job Group, please add your information in the necessary boxes and you will be able to start immediately.  There is no better job then Alibaba!  We have already helped thousands of people start making great money working in front of their computers.  If you have a IPAD or mobile phone, you can also work with us.  Our social media jobs can be done any hour of the day.  If your motivated enough you can start your own home business with us, having your own online mall and making commissions on every product you sell.  We have a 30 day cookie so if someone doesn't buy today but buys within 30 days you get the commission.  The nice part is once they see the prices and how low they are, they in turn add your site to their favorites and come back again and again to browse and see what else you have to offer.  By hitting the Alibaba plugin to the upper right you will see a video and see how it works.  With millions of products to choose from the money you can make is endless.  Come be part of our group now!  It's life changing, we are now public!  We will be bigger then Amazon!  
ping fast  my blog, website, or RSS feed for Free

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ping My Blog

You Want Your Blog Pinged
     Even if you see Google and others pinging your blog, that doesn't mean it will get listed on search engines.  You want Ping Backs, that's when other blogs link back to your site.  The more ping backs you get the higher you will rank within the search engines.  It's somewhat like a link pyramid, but you only have to pay once.  Search engines won't index your blog just because it's being pinged.  You want your site considered by Google and Yahoo?  Rank on the 1st page of all search engines, this plugin is amazing.  You have nothing left to do, just keep adding new content.  Watch what happens when this gets done over and over, your sales will go through the roof.  The Pingback Optimizer is the real deal!  It does what other plugins can't and helps your blog reach it's maximum potential. 

Great For Autoblogs
     If you have a blog that is continually updated automatically, this is the answer you've been looking for.  Autoblogging has gone through the roof, it's based on other rss feeds you can add to your site.  Once a post has been submitted your pingback is then added to other rss feed directories and other blogs will pick this up.  This in turn will elevate your site through the search engines, why?  Because Google looks at you like a reference point.  Matter of fact Google News sites which are ranked very high have many pingbacks!  Do you see where I'm going with this.  Just because you are pinging your blog does NOT mean you will be listed within the search engines.  Having pingbacks will make the difference in you making money and not making money.  It's probably one of the best wordpress plugins I've ever seen in action.  This plugin works incredibly with the Alibaba Plugin, because your automatically updating the site automatically with new products.  Do you fully understand the power of this plugin?  It will also work with affiliate blogs, these are the ones that can make some serious cash. 

Rated #1 For Plugins
     Since wordpress has been around this plugin has had many updates and many top affiliate users love it.  Once it's added you have to do nothing, it works for you immediately.  You have nothing else to do but collect the money.  Think about it this way, thousands of blog owners use rss feeds on their sites, they get their rss feeds from the list we have listed on this plugin!  They then add your rss feed to their site and the list goes on and on for eternity!  So your old postings will always look fresh and more people will see even your old posts!  It's like a never ending circle for backlinks!  The Pingback Optimizer will work on all the blogs you have, once you see it in action I'm sure you will rethink how you buy backlinks again.  If you want to dominate your competition this is the answer to your prayers.  We used it on one of our blogs and within 60 days we were ranked #1 for a very hard keyword term, this then brought us over 10,000 the next 60 days and it continues to grow every month.  That's how powerful a pingback is!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Mexico Home Business

Thinking About Starting a Home Business In New Mexico?
     It's a great time to start making money working from home.  The unemployment rate is very high and now is the time to make your journey into the home business world.  We have the tools you need to be successful, already hundreds of New Mexico residents are doing very well with our home business model.  The possibilities are endless, many stay at home moms and dads are making a full time income working part time hours.  You have to say to yourself, what am I looking for?  Do I want a new beginning, do you hate your present job?  These are the answers you have to ask yourself.  Let me point you into the right direction, you need more money and you want to be your own boss, that's why your here.  You won't have to answer to anyone, that's what your thinking I'm guessing.  It's about taking control of who you are and your destiny as far as your future is concerned.  Don't let every opportunity slip by you, this is your time to make a better life for you and your family!

It's About Your Future
     It doesn't take a lot of time to earn from home, and it doesn't take a lot of experience.  I am going to give you the most powerful money making home business in New Mexico!  You can watch the video, takes a few minutes all you have to do is add your email address and I will mail you the information and see if it's right for you.  The Perfect New Mexico Home Business is here waiting for you, now you have to decide if you want to make the change to better yourself.  Los Alamos families love this because it's easy to understand and the money is pretty darn good.  Retirees and students are hopping on board also, why?  Because it's relatively easy to understand and gauge.  Featured in a Santa Fe newspaper, our business is backed by the Better Business Bureau, and if you don't like it your not obligated to stick around.  You have nothing to lose, it all started with just a few people in Sugarite Canyon State Park, and the concept was born.  OK so how much money can you earn?  It really depends on yourself and how much time you can dedicate to your new home business.  But for newbies that are just starting out, we can tell you a few thousand a week is not unreasonable.  You can have your own New Mexico Discount Mall and start selling products, you can see the Alibaba plugin work for yourself above.  But there is other avenues you can take as well, including selling wholesale and other products.  We recommend Salehoo because they will do everything for you and keep you updated on new products and help you price things accordingly.  These are just a few New Mexico work at home opportunities that people are doing, we can show you how to maximize your profits doing other things as well. 

Learn From Others In New Mexico
     Take it from others in your area, learn how they did it and how they are continuing to do it.  Your crazy not to give this a look because it will guide you to making 5 figures a month.  It's free to sign up, so take a few minutes and learn from the best!  I'm not sure how old you are, but you should start thinking about retirement now.  This money can help go a long way towards your future retirement planning, you don't want to be strapped and have to be working past the age of 62.  This will help you save money and make money for your senior days.  People don't think about this, now we have retired people in New Mexico that are working full time hours just to pay the bills.  They didn't take into consideration how long they're money would last them, obviously it didn't last long at all.  All these businesses above can make a difference for your future.  No one want to work a job they hate or one that doesn't pay well.  Now you can be your own boss and take control of your families future.  I'm sure you want a better life!  It's about taking the bull by the horns and doing the right thing!  Learn from others in Santa Fe and other surrounding towns how they are doing it.  Don't sell yourself short by the way, just because you have no experience doesn't mean you can't do this.  Prosperity is something that comes from teaching, no one got lucky by themselves.  I wish you all success in all your future endeavors.  This is the perfect time to start a home business in the Southwest! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Best Home Business In Maine

Searching For The Best Home Business In Maine?
     Stay at home moms and dads in Maine are looking to supplement their income either working from home or part time.  If you choose to stay home and work from your computer there are a few options for you.  If your like many and your unsure of what home business to choose your not alone.  There are quite a few scam artists out there selling you junk and stuff you will never be able to sell.  If your familiar with wordpress the sky's the limit.  If you don't know what wordpress is I suggest you go look at the Warrior Forum.  They have many professionals there that can take you by the hand and explain how WP works.  It's a blog with many platforms, you can sell pretty much anything and make the site look professional without a lot of work.  If your not capable of doing it yourself they have professional wordpress designers there that can help.  I will try and give you a few ideas on how to use WP to your advantage.  You can start a wholesale site, now for this you must first try and find wholesalers and then add the products to your page and for a newbie this can be daunting.  Salehoo is a company with many years of experience in the wholesale industry.  They can get you off and running with everything, and I mean everything!  They will supply you with a website, and products and hosting!  If you have any questions the support staff is top notch they can answer all your questions within minutes.  You could start a store like Maine Wholesale or Maine Discount Goods, depending on the domain name you choose and what you want to sell this could lead to bigger and better things.  You don't necessarily have to be a wholesaler to make money in Maine.  You can always use our Alibaba plugin and start a store and you can pick and choose what items you'd like to sell.  You will be making a commission on each sale and they can add up pretty quick.

Paid Social Media Jobs
     This is where people and companies hire you to post on twitter, facebook and other social media outlets.  You will a subcontractor for large and small companies.  If you don't think you can make money this way your wrong!  Paid Social Media Jobs can make you a small fortune and you don't have to work very hard at it.  Maine has a large amount of smaller businesses that need this kind of help, they do not have the time to manage a advertising budget or do they want to.  Instead they will hire you to place ads on places like craigslist for them.  You charge what you want and they are willing to pay quite handsomely for this service.  It's a win win situation for both of you.  It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to make money in Maine by doing this.  The people that work on the coast are always looking for ways to expand their business!  This is just one way to reach Maine businesses and see how you can help their place be more successful.  Facebeast is the original and they have a proven track record in this industry, give them a look and decide for yourself.  If you can spare a few minutes a day placing ads on social media this is the perfect and best Maine home business you will ever find. 

Make Money On Auto Pilot
     If you would like to be more serious about your home business and would like to put in a little more time to see bigger profits this system is one of the best you will ever see.  It's about making residual income in Maine.   We have retirees in Maine doing this to help offset their healthcare costs, all are making some serious amounts of cash.  You don't have to have a lot of money to start, but yes there is a small fee to get yourself going.  If you are sick of your job and need something better then this is the answer to your prayers.  Say good bye to your old way of life and tell your boss to stick it.  The Maine Auto Pilot Money Making Home Business is what you should look into, now if you have your doubts I recommend you take a few minutes to watch the video and give the website a look.  It will be the best thing you could ever do.  You will get amazing information on how to be successful in Maine!  Put money away for retirement, pay off the house, set your kids up for life.  That's what we all want, and if you take a few minutes now to give a look your whole life could change for the better overnight!  Auto Pilot Money will give you a paycheck every month for the rest of your life. It's not easy being rich in the great state of Maine, but if you get there it's a nice feeling!  Jobs in Maine are not easy to find and if you do happen to find one you like chances are the pay is not worth taking.  How do you want your family to be, rich or poor?  Obviously you want the best for them, helping them with college and weddings and babies.  You want to be able to help your kids and family with any money issues they have.  These few Maine home businesses will help you to start to make a nice income immediately!


Saratoga Race Course

It's That Time Of Year!
     In a few days the Saratoga Race Course will be opening back up.  The sleeping giant will awake with the thundering hooves of thoroughbred horses from all over the world.  Top trainers will bring the horses to challenge the best the sport has to offer, it's the SPA.  It truly is the best venue in sports, the people are friendly the air is crisp and the night life is non stop.  Saratoga Springs has it all, there isn't one thing missing from the small Victorian city.  You see people from all walks of life, from the very rich to the very poor.  It's a mix of everything but people don't seem to mind.  If you like to people watch then this is the town for you.  Celebrities like Bill Parcells are fixtures at the track, just take a walk down by the finish line and look up in the clubhouse and see how many celebrities are sitting directly in front of you.  From the hot dog vendors to the valets to the security, each person will treat you with respect.  The paddock is one of a kind, though you can't get as close as years past, the horses are still only a few feet away, so bring your camera!  Many love the picnic areas, it's quite diverse you will see retirees alongside college students and everyone on between.  One of the nicer places is sitting under a shade tree sipping a cocktail smoking a cigar. 

Jockeys Signing Autographs
     You don't see it to often anywhere else but when the jockeys are finished with a race usually you see them with security exiting the grandstand area on their way back to the jocks room, you will see kids from all ages lining up for a autograph and I've been going to the track for 50 years and not once have I seen a jockey decline a child.  That's the kind of atmosphere it is here.  It has a old time charm to the place, it's no New York City where people are running to make a last minute bet, or you see people yelling at trainers or jockeys.  It's quite calm, people have a different outlook when their here.  Peacefullness seems to come over you once you walk through the gates, your eyes start to wonder looking for friends or stars and then your looking for your spot to sit.  I'm not a big fan of the clubhouse or grandstand area but it's ok, people want a birds eye view of the race when it goes off, I would rather sit under the trees and watch it on a television with the rest of the people who sit outside.  It's fun rooting your horse on hoping for the best, but if they lose so what-onto the next race!  You always know a halfway decent handicapper somewhere offering you advice or a tip, usually they lose but it's fun to listen!  Travers day is when the best 3 year olds in the country gather on a date which is usually the 3rd week in August,  it's called the mid summer derby.  It's usually a packed house and all the prices go up including parking which I think is wrong!  They soak you enough money within the track, have you seen the prices for burgers and pizza?  This is NOT New York folks.  I try and stay away on those big days, and the giveaway days.  It's not a lot of fun trying to get somewhere and you have to move through hords of people.  Not my style. 

The Nightlife
     It's a place where you can find people music on the streets and people offering them a few dollars or you can visit a cafĂ© where top jazz musicians from around the world are playing.  Such a diverse place where the food is always top notch and the ambiance is always soothing to the soul.  Congress park seems to always have a wedding and people are playing with their kids, you can see the famous spit and spat at one end and look at the amazing flowers on the other end.  The hall of fame is one place I recommend seeing.  It gives you only the best race horses, owners, jockeys and trainers the sport has to offer.  It's very inexpensive and you won't spend all day there.  Your kids will love it.  Saratoga Lake is one place visitors seem to flock to, people love driving around the lake looking at the homes and camps wishing they had one there.  Fishing is always enjoyed on this gorgeous lake, you will see pontoon boats all year long.  There is so much to do in the Spa City, never a dull moment.  I hope you enjoy Saratoga this year, if you've never been I suggest you take a few days to visit.  It's one of the best places to vacation in the country!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Affiliate Training

Thinking about becoming a Alibaba affiliate?
     Now is the perfect time to get started.  Because we just went public our name and focus is now on our young affiliate team.  Learning how to get affiliate commissions and were not talking small commissions!  Everyone knows that affiliates are people that sell other peoples items, and they make a percentage off each product.  Just because your an affiliate here doesn't mean you will make money, you first must know what your doing.  We offer an affiliate training course that will consist of a few videos and ebooks that will teach you how to become a 5 star affiliate.  We have members making 20,000 per month by using this training system.  You can use this on any system you see fit, but by using it here with us you will see the amount of money you can be making is staggering.  You will be selling a real product from a fortune 500 company. 

Why would you want to go elsewhere?
     It's a learning curve and just because you've been an affiliate with someone else doesn't mean you know everything there is about affiliates.  This is a course that will put you on the path to success instantly.  It's about learning and how to get from point A to point B, in this business there is a lot to learn but the nice thing once you know your stuff the money is endless.  Great for people that want to quit their jobs and work from home, or people that want to do this part time and make a substantial amount of money to pay their bills or buy a new car or go on vacation.  We will show you how to do your taxes at the end of the year because you are your own boss.  If you believe in yourself this is the perfect job for you.  We have students to stay at home moms to retirees and all are doing quite well.

When will I get Paid?
     When 30 days passes you will receive a check, now the nice part is when someone clicks anything on your site and doesn't buy but comes back you still get credited with the sale.  We have made it very simple so even the novice can achieve success in a relatively short period of time.  The foundation and building blocks are there for you, we've put everything in place.  You now have to have the desire to make money, and trust me it's not that hard at all.  Take a few minutes and look at our training system, we have hundreds of people in it now.  You can go at your own pace, take as much time as you need.  It's about affiliate learning and how to do it right.  We hope you accept the Alibaba challenge and come join us and be a part of our team.