Thursday, July 9, 2015

Best Affiliate Plugin

The Alibaba Wordpress Plugin
One of the world's largest companies just went public.  This can help you in many ways especially if your an affiliate.  When we reviewed the plugin it was to our amazement how easy it was to implement.  If your new to wordpress or an expert it's very easy to install and maintain.  There are quite a few advantages of utilizing this, first being you can automatically add products within a category on a daily basis.  It truly is a one of a kind, if your looking to sell products online and make some great commissions then this is what your looking for. 
It's much better then the Amazon plugin that you've seen in the past.  If your using it now I'm sure your commissions are pretty low and your getting discouraged.  Amazon gives you limited capabilities especially when describing and tagging a product.  This gives you so many more options, it allows you to have many more items and at lower prices.  You won't have that much competition either, right now there are thousands of people fighting with you over the same products.  It's about diversity, and how you can maximize your return.  The Alibaba Plugin gives you the ability to reach the masses, the potential for huge commissions are endless.
It's how the Alibaba plugin was designed, and how flawless it looks to your visitors that will keep them coming back for more.  The presentation of your website means a lot, the plugin is designed for this purpose.  People want deals, and that's what your presenting them.  When they see how much money they will be saving, they in turn will tell their friends about your site and so on.
You won't find a better wp plugin anywhere.  Another thing it can do is automatically translate your site to the country your visitor is in.  Nothing else compares to the power this Alibaba Plugin can do.  What we like most of all is how hands off you are, you won't need to do much once the website is set up.  The video will give you an idea on how to manage the plugin.

You can have a specified niche or run a wholesale mall, if you have a great domain name then your niche is all set and ready to go.  I can recommend if you do decide to use this plugin that you use the auto tag free plugin that wordpress offers.  But use it as a category tag, not a item tag.  This will help you in search results.  Be descriptive when writing your category, and use the free SEO plugin for this.  You will rank very high within the search engines this way.  You really don't need anymore plugins except for the google sitemap, this will let google and other search engines know when your site has been updated, and remember you will be automatically adding new products daily and you can do this on the backend of the plugin. 
The commissions you will be making will blow you away, much bigger then Amazon or any other site you've been affiliated with in the past.  Your also not competing as much because of the lower prices you will be offering and the diversity of the products. 

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