Saturday, July 11, 2015

GEO IP Plugin Works Well With Alibaba

How The GEO IP Plugin Works
This is the perfect plugin to work hand and hand with the Alibaba plugin.  It's so easy to use and takes only a few minutes to get the knack of.  It can help grab your viewers eyes instantly, when they visit your blog they will see something like, BIG Sale This Week In "Buffalo" anotherwords the plugin sees where they live-city and state and gives them a discount if you want!
You can add this to the top of your online mall or add it in the sidebars.  Many use this for ticket and travel sites.  But it really has thousands of uses!  It's perfect for this kind of website because of the savings and wholesale possibilities.  You will be just adding one snippet, that takes a few seconds.  You can add it within the template or within a post, please make sure your writing a blog and use this snippet in the blog post.
Do not use the snippet in the permalink, it won't work.  Only use it in the heading or within the post or on the sidebar.  It gives you tremendous leverage when added with the Alibaba plugin.  I've seen it used mainly on travel sites, but many that have ticket affiliate sites use it also.  Because wordpress does not have the capabilities to handle the ticket codes yet, this is a great answer to the problem. 
Let's say the blog post you write goes something like this.  Huge sale this week on barbecue grills.  Now what you would do is use the snippet after the word grills, so it would say Huge sale on barbecue grills in Buffalo New York.  Then you add the snippet in the template right after the description title.  If you don't know how to do this you can go to and look up wordpress help and for 5 dollars they can do this for you.  The ways you can use this to your advantage is endless.  I like to make things easy on myself.  By adding it in the template code the 1st time, gives you more free time to write one blog per week. 
Have a strategy before putting your alibaba site to work for you, just don't throw it together half ass.  To get the GEO IP Plugin will help maximize your time.  It will work with all countries as well!  Now remember that the alibaba plugin automatically translates your site into the readers language!   See how this can help!  Now you have your site on auto-pilot, you have new products being added daily, and your site focuses on your readers home city state and country!  They already think they are getting a great deal because everything is at wholesale prices. 
Geo Ip Plugin

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