Friday, July 10, 2015

People Are Making Money

This plugin is for anyone that wants to make money without doing a lot of work. 
It is designed so you don't have to worry about posting new products, because the plugin does that for you.  It takes care of the sale for you, and once a sale is made you will be notified of the commission.  Alibaba has millions of products that are at wholesale prices.
I wanted to give you an idea on how you can make this work for you even if your a beginner.  You can buy a cheap domain for your area, let's say you live in Buffalo.  You can have the domain like or you will be directing from thousands of people in the Buffalo area towards your site, works well within the search engines.  This way you can use online yellow pages for more of a distinct flavor. 
I know of 5 people that are doing this around the country and making 5 figures per month with this plugin.  Sometimes you are reaching to a broader audience to fast when you should be targeting a smaller local audience where you know you will get the sales.  By placing a small ad in your local pennysaver you will also be getting people from your area, the nice part is once they order and see the savings they will be repeat customers. 
Another idea would be to have a online auction for a product that you buy, something cheap like a tv set or laptop-you will be getting this at pennies on the dollar, then you give it away on your facebook page or twitter page.  You can also use schools to your benefit, if they have a fundraiser you can donate a product and in return have your website on the ticket for more exposure. 
Sponser a little league team or local soccer team.  The small amount of money you invest will come back 10fold.  Use social media to your advantage, especially Pinterest.  Copy some images from your site and start a Pinterest board and paste them there with your website.  When people pin your pictures it means they have interest in it and usually will check you out.  This could and will lead to more traffic and hopefully more sales.  Places like Reddit, Stumble Upon, Twitter. and Facebook are great places to start chatting about a product or your new website.  Start a fan page or group, make it small and invite your friends to stop by and visit.  Your new site will also rank higher in search engines.  Now is the time for you to buy this Alibaba Plugin, it is designed for wordpress.
This is the perfect home business anyone can start, it's about you and how much money you wish to earn.  Anyone can do this, you don't need a lot of ambition or knowledge to get started.  

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