Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ping My Blog

You Want Your Blog Pinged
     Even if you see Google and others pinging your blog, that doesn't mean it will get listed on search engines.  You want Ping Backs, that's when other blogs link back to your site.  The more ping backs you get the higher you will rank within the search engines.  It's somewhat like a link pyramid, but you only have to pay once.  Search engines won't index your blog just because it's being pinged.  You want your site considered by Google and Yahoo?  Rank on the 1st page of all search engines, this plugin is amazing.  You have nothing left to do, just keep adding new content.  Watch what happens when this gets done over and over, your sales will go through the roof.  The Pingback Optimizer is the real deal!  It does what other plugins can't and helps your blog reach it's maximum potential. 

Great For Autoblogs
     If you have a blog that is continually updated automatically, this is the answer you've been looking for.  Autoblogging has gone through the roof, it's based on other rss feeds you can add to your site.  Once a post has been submitted your pingback is then added to other rss feed directories and other blogs will pick this up.  This in turn will elevate your site through the search engines, why?  Because Google looks at you like a reference point.  Matter of fact Google News sites which are ranked very high have many pingbacks!  Do you see where I'm going with this.  Just because you are pinging your blog does NOT mean you will be listed within the search engines.  Having pingbacks will make the difference in you making money and not making money.  It's probably one of the best wordpress plugins I've ever seen in action.  This plugin works incredibly with the Alibaba Plugin, because your automatically updating the site automatically with new products.  Do you fully understand the power of this plugin?  It will also work with affiliate blogs, these are the ones that can make some serious cash. 

Rated #1 For Plugins
     Since wordpress has been around this plugin has had many updates and many top affiliate users love it.  Once it's added you have to do nothing, it works for you immediately.  You have nothing else to do but collect the money.  Think about it this way, thousands of blog owners use rss feeds on their sites, they get their rss feeds from the list we have listed on this plugin!  They then add your rss feed to their site and the list goes on and on for eternity!  So your old postings will always look fresh and more people will see even your old posts!  It's like a never ending circle for backlinks!  The Pingback Optimizer will work on all the blogs you have, once you see it in action I'm sure you will rethink how you buy backlinks again.  If you want to dominate your competition this is the answer to your prayers.  We used it on one of our blogs and within 60 days we were ranked #1 for a very hard keyword term, this then brought us over 10,000 the next 60 days and it continues to grow every month.  That's how powerful a pingback is!


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