Sunday, July 12, 2015

Watching People Fail Over and Over

It's getting old watching people fail over and over.
The more you seem to guide them the more they wanna do it on their own, and eventually they all go down in a puff of smoke.  Just because you have owned a home business in the past doesn't qualify you to own another business.  Chances are you probably failed because of one thing or another.  Usually it's because you don't have enough money or ambition.  Following directions is another thing I see, most just want to do it their way.
I'm here to tell you one thing, in order to own a successful home business you must listen to others and be able to take advice.  Now the people you take advice from, well that's another thing.  Look them up online and see what they did before, do a little background check on them to see what they have accomplished.  I bet of you do this 90% of the so called home business gurus will be scam artists.  Making a quick buck is what they want, what they should be are authors because they sure can write and make you believe anything.  Stay clear from these people, if your a member of forums, get the hell off of there.  Half of these people that run these forums are building the bullshit home businesses of today.  Many are oversees companies that just want your personal information so they can later on email you for more scam ideas.  It's all about the mighty dollar for them.
This is a home business that you will love and I've written about it in Mashable.  There are not to many times in your life that you can expect big things with little working knowledge of a home business.  This is one exception, and I say this with conviction.  It's about the lifestyle you want, and how your going to get there.  Have a grasp on how to market a new home business.
For a new business like this, have a marketing strategy.  When I started I mainly used social media which is not a bad thing but even that will get you limited traffic.  I then used a 10.00 a day advertising budget but focused on solo ads in the beginning.  This is directly finding people that have a viable interest in what you have to offer.  It's not a bad way to start, you won't get rich this way but in fact you will be getting the word out to a smaller group of individuals that might make a purchase and it helps with your budgets.  Then you should start with adwords, and make a small ad that sticks out.   Start with 15.00 a day and run the ad for 30 days, don't use Facebook here.  You want someone that clicks google that is looking for something similar.  If you don't have any experience with search engine optimization that's fine, but this hugely important.  You want to rank high in the search engines for your keyword phrase and terms.  The higher you are the more free traffic you will get which means more sales for you. 
This is a biz that you can do, and the money you will make is very good and will continue that way but you have to put some of your profit back into your company in order to grow and maintain.  Take a small percentage of your profits and use that for your overhead.  Don't keep going back to the kitty and spend your profits.  Be stubborn, you want to make your business successful.  Don't let it get stale and go by the wayside.  Keep your business fresh, you can do this by offering discounts and giveaways.  Facebook offers apps that you can add to a fan page that will allow you to do this.  It might cost you a few bucks to get started but it's not overwhelming.  Due diligence on your part is something you can't overlook.  Patience is a virtue and a necessity in a new home business.  If you take your time this time around you will be very successful.  The Alibaba Home Business is at a stage where you should get in and give it a try, the plugin does all the work for you! 
I wish you luck in any venture you go!

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