Building Back Links Helps

Don't Forget To Build Backlinks
We recommend you still get high page rank back links attached to your new online mall.  Google and Yahoo both see this as a necessity for ranking high.  Some will tell you that no follow are not as good as do follow links, I'm here to tell you that a good mixture of both will help.  It's a misconception that people always want to link their home page to a high ranked site.  You don't want to do this, your inner pages (NOT POSTINGS) should be back linked. 
Use your category permalinks for linking pages, this will enable all your posts from within a certain category to get extra special attention.  Now that you have your alibaba plugin all set up and ready to go, now start writing a blog within your site.  You don't have to write one everyday, but once a week is sufficient.  Write about a product that you think is hot or one you like and know something about.  Make sure your post is roughly 500 words long, and try to throw a few links to inner pages of your blog.  Don't go crazy all at once backlinking!
You want to go slow and try to get a 10 a week.  If it looks suspicious to Google chances are you may end up in the sandbox and trust me once your site gets there your in big trouble.  Don't use sex or gambling sites to link to either.  Get sites that have some similar qualities as your site.  The old saying holds true when it comes to ranking high (KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE BUT YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER). 
You can use sites like Fiverr for some cheap advertising.  Though I'm not a big fan of Fiverr this will help you get started.  This pertains to any blog or site your just starting out with.  Be careful where you look!  I will give you one recommendation on where to build links and you can do it with Backlink Beast.

Once your on top of the search engines your website will really start to take off.  Is it necessary?  No it's not BUT if you want to make the really big money this is one step you have to do.  Having one way back links pointing towards your site will not only give you more sales but your website will be worth so much more if you decide to sell it.  Social Monkey is a little different, they give you new links on a daily basis and it's relatively inexpensive.  

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